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All too often, many people fall into the trap of believing they know a lot more than they really do. It makes us stubborn, disillusioned, and often unwilling to accept fresh information.

And as a result? Our growth plateaus and stagnates. But being open to understanding what you don’t know puts you in a unique place of power. And that’s precisely what today’s show is all about.

Here Are The Highlights:
– The most often overlooked – but absolute fundamental key to living your best life (2:40)
– The only time it’s OK to be sure about doing something (4:00)
– Why nothing makes sense without context (6:00)
– A counterintuitive way to rapidly gain credibility (8:30)
– The ultimate trust builder (10:10)
– How to set yourself up abundant growth (13:00)
– 3 quick and easy mind-shifts to remove your need for being right (20:00)
– Surround yourself with THESE kinds of people (20:50)

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Relentless Dietetics

Information is free. Our mission is simplify the complicated stuff and give you massive clarity so you can take massive action and get better every day.

RELENTLESS is combining years of experience and knowledge and help you streamline your improvement, help you tailor the abstract to your situation and most importantly..

Provide massive clarity so you can take massive action get better every day.


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