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When it comes to competition, a lot of people say, and also believe, that winning is all that matters. Some play to win and hate losing whereas others play to get better at their game. For them, the competition isn’t about winning – that’s just a byproduct of hours of determination and hard work to be their best.

But does competitiveness reach a point where it gets petty?

Is it just about cherry picking the easy wins to bring home the ‘bling’ or is it wholeheartedly about becoming the best person you can possibly be? That’s the key discussion of today’s show.

Here Are The Highlights:

– The exact opposite behavior of a true competitor (2:20)
– Why cherry picking the ‘easy wins’ is a dangerous tactic (3:20)
– One petty attitude that will keep you sitting on the sidelines (3:50)
– What having a ‘growth mindset’ actually means (4:20)
– The mind-blowing difference between playing to win vs. playing not to lose (5:15)
– How your outside life can negatively affect your competitive advantage (13:10)
– The kind of people you should NEVER take advice from (21:00)

What’s your real reason for competing?

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