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We all wish we had a little more time.
But the reality is we all have the same 168 hours a week to live out our lives and strive forward to achieve the goals we set.
So what separates the high performers who get more done vs those who ‘wished’ they could get more done, even though everyone has the same amount of time in a day?
By following some of the powerful principles in this episode, you’ll find yourself getting more essential tasks done in the same amount of time whilst reaching your goals – personal or professional – faster than ever before.

The Show Highlights:
– A one off-time expenditure vs. building a valuable skill-set (2:00)
– Having the capacity to recognize what to do vs learning how to figure it out (3:50)
– The underlying difference between a program and a coach (7:15)
– Two frameworks for effective decision making (9:10)
– Intentions and interventions (14:30)
– How to think vs. knowing what to do (16:20)
– Three levels of coaching: What they are, how they work and which you should choose (19:40)

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Relentless Dietetics

Information is free. Our mission is simplify the complicated stuff and give you massive clarity so you can take massive action and get better every day.

RELENTLESS is combining years of experience and knowledge and help you streamline your improvement, help you tailor the abstract to your situation and most importantly..

Provide massive clarity so you can take massive action get better every day.


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