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When you look at the difference between good and great, whether it’s people, athletes or companies, a lot of them have the same innate abilities, but what separates them is who their coaches and mentors were when they were growing.

Books, articles and internet research is great but by in large, it’s mostly abstract theory. Going through this material is going to take years of your precious time to implement, stress test and more importantly, understand what the feedback means and how to act accordingly.

Great mentors and coaches have been in the trenches and can help you fasttrack your way to success – in anything you want to achieve in life. Listen to today’s show to learn the importance of having a coach/mentor and how to pick the right one for you.

The Show Highlights:
– The rare missing link between the best and the rest (1:50)
– Learning is not doing (2:20)
– Balancing the cost of a mentor vs the time and frustration saved (4:00)
– Are you even coachable? (4:25)
– How Ray Dalio would choose the right mentor (5:20)
– Letting the magic happen: Just shut up, listen and DO (8:00)
– Qualities and traits of an excellent coach (9:10)
– How to avoid becoming your own worst enemy (14:00)
– Avoiding costly mistakes and damage limitation on your long-term progress (19:20)
– Leaving your ego at the door (27:45)

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