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Productivity and achievement is usually thought of in terms of “How do I get more done?”

But the greatest secret to productivity is…LESS.

Doing less will help you accomplish and achieve more. Many people mindlessly add more things into their already busy lifestyle, but rarely stop to think about subtracting.

In today’s show Nick Peterson, Jonathan Montgomery and Dr Trevor Kashey talk about cutting the crap – doing less to achieve more (in anything you do in life).

Show Highlights:
– Why the concept of the ‘overnight success’ is just a myth (5:30)
– Is your “bucket” leaking? (7:00)
– The key difference between efficiency & productivity (9:45)
– Keeping the main thing the main thing (11:20)

There will ALWAYS be more to do. Choose to go in the opposite direction, do LESS and watch your results skyrocket – in anything you set your mind to.

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