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If you want to get better every day, environment is everything.

It affects and influences how we think, believe and live or life.

Consider this; why were you born? What is it that you’ve been put on this planet to achieve? So often, people end up hurting their chances of success because they overlook the environment they believe they have to fit into.

If you want to live a relentless life, you must plant your roots in an environment that constantly encourages you to grow, prosper and uplevel. And that’s what we’re going to cover in today’s show. How to cultivate AND protect the space in which you spend your time. Here’s just some of the topics covered…

– Relentlessly uplevel your environment (1:40)
– You can’t pour from an empty glass: The truth about self care (3:00)
– ‘The one third concept’ to get the most out of your time (4:00)
– Are you a product of your environment or is your environment a product of you? (6:00)
– STOP using your environment as an excuse for failure (8:20)
– Fixed mindset vs a growth mindset (17:00)

Change your environment and you’ll quickly experience a night and day difference in in your life.

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