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Are you playing life to your full strengths? Or does it feel like you’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole?

Although many of us live day-to-day lives with plenty to manage, there’s only really a few fundamentals we have complete control over. The rest…you should discard and ignore.

Focussing on what we have no control over quickly sucks our energy and attention away from what we can control – the stuff that really matters, will make a difference and get you one step closer to your goals.

It’s time to ditch the excuses, eliminate the complaining and understand what things you CAN control.

– Here’s The Best Bits From Today’s Show:
– No…The dog did not eat your homework (1:50)
– The harsh realities of life (7:35)
– Developing the ULTIMATE growth mindset for success (9:20)
– Play to your strengths and ignore the rest (11:00)
– Being the best you can possibly be (12:50)
– Snatching the ‘low hanging fruits’ for fast results (14:00)
– The ONLY two things you have direct control over (17:20)
– Two huge benefits of hiring a coach (20:30)

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