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As a marketer, you’re probably familiar with some of the marketing gurus, experts and legends.
While they can be great people to learn from, the marketing world makes you feel like they guard the chest filled with secrets to marketing success—and you can only get a key by dumping your net worth into their bank account.

It’s doesn’t have to be that way. Every year, savvy marketers make money and live lavish lifestyles without being in “the club”.

In this episode, you’ll learn how you can make a name for yourself, scale your business and earn plenty of money without being one of the “Good Ole’ Boys”.

Show highlights include:

– The one thing which is king when it comes to growing your business without being popular with the in-crowd. (4:30)
– 9 platforms to run your ads on—and how to start running ads (don’t just run ads anywhere you can). (5:25)
– How to leverage “marketing attribution” to convert your prospects and waste less of your ad spend. (7:25)
– Why paid traffic never comes first in your marketing strategy. (8:20)
– How to make more money from the leads you get. (9:25)

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The marketing industry is flooded with noobs pushing half-baked tactics for a quick buck. On the flip side experienced marketers are using age old strategies that have been handed down from generation to generation and work even better today. That’s what you can bank on hearing here.

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