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Michelle Spiva

Michelle Spiva has a particular, if not sometimes peculiar, perspective on life that is witty, insightful and always fun.

As a self-taught self-publishing Indie author, writing coach, and online product creator on creating consistent income writing fiction as a self-published author; she’s managed to leave behind a life-sucking career path working for others to re-invent herself as one of those folks who write the ‘naughty books.’

As a fiction writer, her area of assault is writing clever sexy books–romance that is.

As a coach and mentor, she’s been known to take no prisoners and demand her mantra of “Michelle don’t mess around, she get’s down” be recited back to her at will any time the client or student is having an existential meltdown in the creative process.

As a product creator, she’s created a nice sub-niche of online training of non-writers (especially burned out Internet Marketers) to write fiction for digital markets such as Amazon, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Nook and other popular platforms. She believes there are writers and then there are the rest of us who can be excellent storytellers. Her belief is if you can tell a lie, she can teach you how to dress it up, put a great beginning and end on it and make it a great read as a story.

She lives in the southern United States, the Atlanta, GA area to be exact, with a single-woman friendly mortgage, wayward lawn that is more weeds and than grass and an enjoyable group of friends and family. On the rare days when her allergies are on good behavior and the wild plot ideas flow like melted butter from her head to her fingers, she feels like she’s making the world a better place.

Listen to her witty take on life, writing and business as only she can serve it up.

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