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Being honest and showing integrity are two of the most important qualities when it comes to growing a successful and reputable Craft Beer or Golf Brand. With the rise of technology comes the even greater responsibility of being transparent. Businesses who fail to be transparent with their community and clients will find themselves on the slippery slope to business disaster.

Today’s episode is all about why you should be leading your business with integrity and honesty.

The Show Highlights:

– The positive effects on your business when you lead with integrity (1:10)
– A simple strategy that will almost always guarantee you the sale (2:00)
– Avoid THESE types of people at all costs (3:00)
– Why honesty IS the best policy in business (4:35)
– How to confidently and consistently lead your clients to success (6:00)
– Showing your customer what they’ll ‘actually’ get for their investment (7:30)
– Can we stop with the lazy and misleading social media agencies? (11:30)

Being integral and honest in your business is a choice. It doesn't rely on anything other than you! You have to decide to commit to giving your community and customers the best experience and service you possibly can.

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Marty McDonald

Beer and Golf are social activities, then why are you struggling with Social Media Marketing. The Taps and Tees Show brings real marketing advice that is making an impact in Craft Beer and Golf World. Short Weekly conversations for people passionate about marketing, golf and beer!

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