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Nate Armstrong

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The Podcast Factory taught me podcasting is your most powerful sales tool.

Nate Armstrong used to think a podcast was the ultimate marketing tool you could have in your arsenal.

But he didn’t realize how powerful it was for sales until he joined The Podcast Factory.

“The Podcast Factory taught me podcasting is your most powerful sales tool.”

Nate had an idea for a podcast for over 2 years. But he kept delaying his decision because he didn’t want to learn all the behind the scenes tech it takes to start a podcast.

If he knew how profitable a podcast could be — specifically with melting away objections from prospects on his list — he would have started much sooner.

Nate is constantly surprised by the level of service provided by The Podcast Factory team for his small monthly investment.. Nate says podcasting is quickly becoming one of his highest return-on-investment strategies.

Nate also gets tons of value from The Podcast Factory team leading by example, and always testing new strategies. 

The Podcast Factory really sets the standard in the podcast world.

Nate Armstrong

Social Media Blueprint

He recommends The Podcast Factory to any real estate investor, because they bring in sustained results.

He also notices that regular podcast listeners are usually faster and easier sales for him and his team.

Podcasting offers a professional way to provide listeners free content, which results in his team closing more sales.

Specifically, podcasting gives Nate and his team a way to handle objections with prospects before talking to them in person.

Before podcasting,, a prospect might have a lot of objections about working with Nate. But now he has a professional and personal way to build trust and rapport with his prospects before they talk. ,

He came for the marketing , but he got a powerful sales tool that is eliminating objections and speeding up sales.

Plus, working with the team of copywriters at The Podcast Factory has helped Nate become a better copywriter too This was another added bonus he didn’t expect when he joined The Podcast Factory.

If you’d like to have a marketing tool that can also effortlessly eliminates objections, and leads to faster sales, reach out to Jonathan below and set up an introductory call: 

Ready to make faster + easier sales?

Learn how you can install our podcasting system in the next 30 days by grabbing the Podcasting Action Plan by clicking (YES) below. 

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