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Ask the question, ‘what do you really want’ to most real estate agents and what follows is usually one of the following:

Either a moment of stone-dead silence or

An amalgamation of numbers relating to how many homes they want to sell or how much profit they want to make. But in reality?

They have no real idea what they actually want.

Numbers are finite. But your life experiences are based on precious moments.

The main point of today’s episode is understanding how to figure out what YOU really want and to put a stop to thinking of numbers as goals.

Your ‘secret’ to success lies in the programming of your mind and the way you think.

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“The Agent On Fire” Mike Costigan is the nation’s foremost expert in direct-response marketing for traditional real estate. His edgy, polarizing and often controversial “Real Estate Revolutionist” teachings are religiously followed by his loyal fans.


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