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“Fine = Contempt = Settling = Is for pilgrims and not for successful real estate agents.”

You’ve probably said the word a million times: Fine. Even when things are clearly ‘not fine’, people find it extremely difficult to express.

Pretending everything’s fine is a common trait of many agents. But under the hood, it’s an entirely different story.

If you want to stop being ‘just fine’ and discover the most easy to-do things that will create freedom from yourself AND multiply your income, simply tune in to today’s show.

“Do something every day that helps you grow just 1% and watch what happens to your life as a real estate agent.”

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“The Agent On Fire” Mike Costigan is the nation’s foremost expert in direct-response marketing for traditional real estate. His edgy, polarizing and often controversial “Real Estate Revolutionist” teachings are religiously followed by his loyal fans.


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