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The majority of real estate agents pressure themselves into being available for their clients virtually around the clock.

Working every hour, of every day, seven days a week doing ‘busy work’ that’s doing next to nothing helping build a real business that pays you even when you’re not there.

In this episode, Mike shares his painless process for eliminating ALL the BS ‘busy work’ from your life. The same process that took Mike from 5 to 7 figures in income and from driving a mediocre BMW to piloting a million dollar Mclaren.

You may not want the fast car, but one thing every real estate agent craves is more freedom. And this episode is going to help you get exactly that.

Make sure you head over to www.agentonfire.com and download the free cheat sheet showing you how to list houses in 30 minutes (or less) while charging more than ever before EVEN in un-listable markets. Go there right now!


“The Agent On Fire” Mike Costigan is the nation’s foremost expert in direct-response marketing for traditional real estate. His edgy, polarizing and often controversial “Real Estate Revolutionist” teachings are religiously followed by his loyal fans.


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