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Everyone needs to go on a business trip once in awhile.
Most people’s focus is solely on getting the work done… and have no idea how to leverage these trips for nurturing and expanding their networks.READ MORE

Attending conferences helps you stay on the forefront of your industry… and it’s the best place to meet people who can help you move forward in your field.
In today’s podcast you’re going to find out what you should do BEFORE you attend any event and the best way to follow up with anyone you meet.READ MORE

Does this describe you?

a) You lunch at your desk every day and you’re always busy working.
b) You never stop to do small talk with your colleagues.
c)  You talk to the same 5 to 6 people at work every day.READ MORE

Did you know that only about 20% of all hires are made through job boards?
This is a surprisingly small percentage.
And yet, most job seekers spend the majority of their time there, droning over listing and looking for that right opportunity.READ MORE

Very few people actively stay relevant to their competition… even when they do their job extremely well!
The reason? Spending too much time at your desk and assuming everyone around you knows about the good work that you do each day.READ MORE

I’m surprised by how few executives know how to use exploratory interviews to their advantage.
This is a great tool to learn new industries and discover unpublished opportunities in your field. Plus, it’s the best way to put yourself out there without declaring you are looking for a job!READ MORE

I’m always surprised by how many senior executives and professionals don’t understand the business model of third party recruiting.
And that’s a bad thing. Because an effective recruiter relationship can play an instrumental part in your career advances.READ MORE

Welcome to another episode of the Pretend You’re Fired Today show!
Today’s topic is all about the next thing on your “Pretend you’re fired” list. And that is… your “career maintenance” activity.READ MORE

In the previous episode we started talking about passive recruiting. And why you should start putting it into motion.
Let’s continue the conversation and move on to the second aspect of passive recruiting:
Keeping your network robust and always talking about you.READ MORE

Welcome back to yet another action packed episode of Pretend You’re Fired Today!
It is time to think about PASSIVE RECRUITING. Meaning, getting found by recruiters and hiring managers when you are not actively looking for a job.READ MORE

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