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I’m always surprised by how many senior executives and professionals don’t understand the business model of third party recruiting.
And that’s a bad thing. Because an effective recruiter relationship can play an instrumental part in your career advances.READ MORE

Welcome to another episode of the Pretend You’re Fired Today show!
Today’s topic is all about the next thing on your “Pretend you’re fired” list. And that is… your “career maintenance” activity.READ MORE

In the previous episode we started talking about passive recruiting. And why you should start putting it into motion.
Let’s continue the conversation and move on to the second aspect of passive recruiting:
Keeping your network robust and always talking about you.READ MORE

Welcome back to yet another action packed episode of Pretend You’re Fired Today!
It is time to think about PASSIVE RECRUITING. Meaning, getting found by recruiters and hiring managers when you are not actively looking for a job.READ MORE

Here’s the truth: Ageism in job search is real.


This doesn’t mean you should drop your towel and give up.

On the contrary… You should deal with this as you do with any other challenges you face in business.READ MORE

Did you know: One of the most common places recruiters go to find new candidates online is LinkedIn.
And if you’re wondering what’s more important, your resume or your LinkedIn profile… the answer is BOTH!… READ MORE

Welcome back to another action packed Pretend You’re Fired episode!

Today you’re going to discover five ways to effectively and strategically incorporate your soft skills into your resume so you’re always marketable to your network.READ MORE

If you’re a high achieving CFO, CMO, or a healthcare execute then today’s episode is for you!

You’ll discover six steps to create a powerful leadership resume for marketing, healthcare and finance executives.READ MORE

The only way you can truly protect yourself from job loss is if you pretend you’re fired today! It is the best path for you to always be working, have career continuity and avoiding gaps between employment.READ MORE

If you’re a high achieving CIO or an IT leader, today’s episode is the one for you.

You’ll discover six ways to write an achievement based resume so you can outshine your competition and always be the candidate that gets the interviews.READ MORE

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