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In the last episode we talked about home shaming and what you can do right away to stop feeling bad.
Today, you’ll hear how to deal with overwhelm that’s preventing you to get your decorating project started.
No matter how big or small your project is, it can quickly become daunting if you’ve never done it before. We’ve all been there.
But the good news is… once you know where to start, the overwhelm quickly disappears.

Show highlights:

– How to uncover your decorating style when you can’t even articulate what you like.
– What is your “feel” word and how it can help you decorate your perfect space.
– What to do when you can’t afford decorating the whole house… but you still want a home you can be proud of.
– One surefire way to predict (and prevent!) problems before you even start.
– How to easily and cheaply change your color scheme any time you want.
– Get help from a professional decorator even if you’re on a tight budget.

Here’s what to do next:
Listen to this episode and write down the steps (mentioned inside) you need to follow so you start your project stress-free.

Then, go to  http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com and download your free report Decorating Tips From The Pros. It is packed full of great design ideas you can use to create a home you can be proud of without breaking the bank.

And remember, you don’t need to start big… you just need to start.

Linnore Gonzales

Everyone loves a beautiful, livable and comfortable space. However most of us can’t articulate what we want, don’t know where to start and are paralyzed by the tons of options in the marketplace. Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction to get your decorating and remodeling juices flowing! Good Living by Design is your decorating best friend. We are here to make you love the space you’re in!

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