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On today’s episode, James Newberry talks with Rev. Brian Tubbs, Letter Writing Advice from Apostle Paul — Philemon. Rev. Tubbs is a good friend, and has been serving as a pastor for 10 years. Tune in for some classic fundraising insights on the letters of The New Testament’s most prolific author!

From Persecutor to Preacher

Paul was both Jew and Roman. That gave him lots of opportunity to preach. He was known to be a persecutor of the followers of Christ.

While he was on his way to Damascus, however, he met a bright light from heaven. He became blind from that experience, and it turned his life around. Since then, he became a preacher and wrote letters to different churches.

A Friendly Approach

Paul’s letters always started cordially. You can find an example in the book of Philemon. Paul directed the letter to his friend Philemon, the family he had, and the church.

He wrote it in a very personal approach. There you’ll see Paul’s heart, and how he deals with his friends.

In all of history, the book of Philemon is the first anti-slavery tract. It’s where Paul appeals to Philemon as a friend to receive a slave back as a brother. The flattery in his words were sincere throughout.

Receiving Favor

Philemon was Paul’s friend in Ephesus. He was very rich and had at least one slave. Among his slaves was Onesimus, who ran away.

Onesimus met Paul in his journey, and created a bond with him. Paul did not want to keep Onesimus away from Philemon since that would mean betrayal of friendship.

He decided to send the runaway slave back to Philemon in the condition that things would change. Paul entreated Philemon to receive Onesimus as a brother.

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