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In today’s daily podcast, Jim tells us the story of wanting to look after his parents and fill some of their bucket list items. He took his mum snorkeling in Aruba. He tells the story of how living in the moment is so important.

Show Highlights:

  • What Mamma Wants, Mamma Gets: The inspiring story of creating long lasting experiences that people will remember (3:20)
  • The importance of living life in the present moment (7:30)
  • Why your business should serve YOU first (7:40)
  • Your ultimate lifestyle is closer than you think (10:10)

You would be surprised how close your ultimate lifestyle actually is. Jim explains that it only takes a few tiny implementations to make massive changes in your life even though, at times, it can feel like your goals are far out of reach.

You don't need to have as much time OR money as you think to create your ultimate lifestyle. A few simple tweaks is all it's going to take.

Is your real estate business serving you to its fullest potential?

Make the changes you need to make or find someone who has already gone through the process and has the lifestyle you desire. They will help give you a MASSIVE shortcut to your ultimate lifestyle.


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