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In this episode, Jim talks about the importance of your buyers and what you can do to grow yours today.

Show Highlights:

  • Why most people think investors are ‘low ballers’ (2:30)
  • It doesn't matter what YOU want (4:25)
  • Why it's a MUST that you have a list for every kind of buyer in your market (5:00)
  • How to skyrocket your ability to close high end real estate sales (5:30)

Jim talks about a recent conversion he had with a real estate agent called Mark. He used to work 8 hour days and out of those 8 hours, he would spend a staggering 6 hours just in dialogue with potential buyers.

The reason Mark was spending 6-8 hours every single day was because he knew he was mining for gold not dirt. Mark knew it would only take a handful deals to see massive success rather than sifting through the dirt searching for the smaller deals.

Question Today: What can you do today to build your buyers list?


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