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In today’s show Jim takes you through the 7 Key Performance Indicators that you must know.

Show Highlights:

  • How well do you know your numbers? (0:55)
  • The seven KPI’s you must now in real estate (1:45)

Everybody wants to know what's going on inside the real estate business. If you’re a real estate business owner, no doubt you've been asked by someone about the current state of the market. But how well do YOU know your numbers?

It can make a world of difference if you know your numbers. Jim takes you through his seven Key Performance Indicators that you must know. They will tell you everything that's going on in the market. In fact , these numbers are that important, Jim recommends that you memorise them.

Once you know your numbers, you’re able to look the seller in the eye and tell them with all honestly about what the market is doing. This will build unbreakable levels of trust.

Today’s Question: Do you know your numbers?

Take 30 minutes toda and figure out your numbers and memorise them. After a month or two it will become part of your everyday conversation.

Do the real work.

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