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You may not realize, but each and every person has a super power hidden inside of us. That unique skill-set or talent that only you possess. And in today’s episode, Jean – Francois is going to show you how to express your very own superpower!

Show Highlights:

  • Key questions to ask yourself to figure out your superpower (1:10)
  • Staying one chapter ahead (3:00)
  • What most experts do to sell out a product online (4:00)

Buckle up and enjoy today’s all insightful episode with Jean – Francois.


The List Building Anonymous Podcast is all about showing you exactly how to build a profitable online business through Jean – Francois’s unique 12 step program. It’s the only podcast that delivers A to Z strategies directly from the trenches without the added ‘fluff’.

Jean-Francois Gemme

A 12-step program for building a profitable Online Business and the only podcast which delivers A to Z strategies from the online trenches and experts straight to you.

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