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I don't talk about this enough,

But I live a life of luxury.

People have different definitions for being rich, my definition is simply having options.

And at The Podcast Factory I'm rich because I get to pick and choose the people I work with.

All the people I work with have inspired me in one way or another.

Take my friends Taylor and Chris from Traffic and Funnels™.

When I started talking to them they told me how trip wires and ascension models were a load of crap.

I knew instantly I was going to like these guys.

So I decided to produce their show for them.

And boy I'm glad I did, because following their advice I finally ran my first profitable Facebook Ads campaign.

Within 30 days I got a 375% ROI on my ad spend.

It's too early to tell if these numbers will hold, but like any good bidniz man, I make my dough on the back end so the numbers might be even better.

I'll keep you posted.

Anyways, I know these guys are the real deal and you should do yourself a favor and listen to their new show, “The Smartest Guys in Marketing” http://thepodcastfactory.com/traffic-and-funnels-smartest-guys-in-marketing/

Alright, now here's some more hotness from The Factory from the last week

Traffic and Funnels | Smartest Guys In Marketing

Scam #2 – More Is Better

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners assume the more choices they offer, the more likely customers will invest in their product or services – and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Traffic and Funnels | Smartest Guys In Marketing

Scam #1 – The Ascension Model

How many times have you heard from marketing ‘gurus’ and so called experts that the best way to build a successful and profitable business is to have multiple products at multiple price ranges?

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Doberman Dan | Off The Chain

Russell Brunson an OFFLINE marketer?

Russell Brunson dropped by recently (on Skype) to talk to the Canine Crew and me.

And he revealed some things he rarely talks about publicly.

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Linnore Gonzales | Good Living By Design

Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing “Staycation” Retreat

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Igor Kheifets | List Building Lifestyle

How To Instantly Become Interesting & Relevant To Your Prospects


Last week I got on a call with a new friend.

She’s a woman in her thirties and she’s involved with several MLMs.

She asked if I could help with traffic for one of the programs she mentioned.

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Kyle Newell | Unlocking Your Inner Strength

How to Be a Mind Magician

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James Newberry | Donor Doctor

Rev. Brian Tubbs, Letter Writing Advice from Apostle Paul — Philemon

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Tracy Matthews | Thrive By Design

Simple Strategy to Sell More via Email Marketing


Pulling off a profitable promotion?

It’s definitely within your power!

Some designers get discouraged when they run a promo and don’t see tons of sales.

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Igor Kheifets | List Building Lifestyle

“Are You Allergic To Black People?”


My wife and I are in New York.

We’re racing through time square.

We’re heading to the “Stardust Diner” which is famous for it’s broadway-level performing waitresses.

Suddenly I see a large black dude who’s selling tour bus tickets point at me and yell:

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Lisa Rangel | The Pretend You're Fired Today Podcast

Staying in Demand with Your Competitors

Very few people actively stay relevant to their competition… even when they do their job extremely well!

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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