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If you asked almost all successful people who their mentors were, you can guarantee they’d reel off a list of influential people who have transformed their thinking, ideas, careers, and actions. Many of these mentors may not be alive today, but their legacies live on through the words they’ve written.

Books can be one of your best mentors in life. They carry decades of proven knowledge and wisdom that you’d be foolish not to read.

After listening to today’s show, you’re going to learn 3 tips to developing the mindset of a champion through reading books – especially from people who are no longer with us – and why it’s essential to surround yourself with GIANTS.

The Show Highlights:

– Must read books everyone should read, or read again, in 2018 (5:15)
– One book that could change your life for the better (7:40)
– The magic of dreaming BIG, staying focused, and surrounding yourself with GIANTS (8:10)
– How to avoid and protect yourself from energy sucking vampires (11:20)

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Greg Smith

Everyone wants Freedom, very few get the pleasure of experiencing it. Freedom holds different meanings to different people. This show will teach you how to RISE ABOVE your current situation or circumstance and achieve a higher level of success in your life. It’s time to break the mold and create the life you’ve secretly been dreaming about.

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