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Ever noticed how it’s the people in the sidelines who supposedly know everything there is to know about ‘the game?’

They try to give all kinds of advice, but you never see them actually ‘playing.’

And it’s for this very reason why the gold medals only – and always – go to the players on the field in life. Today you’re going to learn why gold medals are for winners, how you can set the game up and play so you can win!

Here Are The Highlights:

– Why you should surround yourself with these types of people (3:40)
– The difference between being players or spectators in the game of life (6:45)
– How to build YOUR legacy and make every day count (8:20)
– Simple steps to becoming the best version of yourself (10:00)

Unless you’re in the game, you’re not in the game. You’re just a spectator.

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Greg Smith

Everyone wants Freedom, very few get the pleasure of experiencing it. Freedom holds different meanings to different people. This show will teach you how to RISE ABOVE your current situation or circumstance and achieve a higher level of success in your life. It’s time to break the mold and create the life you’ve secretly been dreaming about.

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