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A lot of people want to podcast,

But most don't know the first thing about running a profitable business.

You gotta get leads, 

You gotta have a respectable brand,

You gotta make sales,

Or your business will fall apart and crumble.

I've spent many years fighting the good fight against podcasters being broke.

That's why I tell them…

You must have an email list,

You must build your audience,

You must be an authority people want to follow before you start your show.

One day I got tired of being the only one in the podcast world saying this.

That's when I recruited 10 pro's to give you the goods on creating a profitable business.

They were all live for one event chock-full of massive value.

The event was called "The Podcast Virtual Summit."

And the line up included:

1. Ben Settle: How to use email to promote your podcast and sell your products

2. Doberman Dan: How to get celebrity positioning in your market

3. Esther Kiss: P.R. tips to make your show irresistible

4. Darin Persinger: Leave the stage behind and get a bigger audience in less time

5. Jason Zook: How you can get paid sponsors for anything you do

6. Sean D'Souza: The power of telling stories

7. Louis Congdon: The sure fire way to book any guest you want

8. Phillip Swindall: The art of using show notes to amplify your message

9. Carl Wittig: How to sound like a pro (even if you're on a budget)

10. Your boy Jonathan Rivera (yeah, that's me): The Podcast Mogul Formula (I used to launch The Podcast Factory and attract the most talented hosts to my network.)

Sounds like a pretty cool event, huh?

You're darn tootin' it was.

There's good news and bad news…

First, the good news:

I recorded every single minute of this event.

The bad news is that it's not for sale.

Nope, even if you wanted to there's no way for you to buy it.

The only way for you to get your greedy little hands on these ten recordings is as a bonus when you join my Podcast Mogul Newsletter subscribers today.

That's right, when you invest in my Podcast Mogul Newsletter not only will you get my Podcast Recipes book and the Podcast Mogul Newsletter,

But you'll also get all ten of the recordings of the pro's who presented at the summit.

Join me and your fellow Podcast Mogul's today and The Podcast Virtual Summit recordings at http://PodcastMogul.com

Producer Jonathan


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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