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You want a sure fire way to tell if a podcaster is broke?

Just ask them what business they're in.

If they say, “I'm a podcaster.”

You can rest assured this person isn't making any dough.

Today we're gonna rap about the 3rd BIG fat lie you're hearing about podcasting.

A podcast is a business lie

I see too many people jump into podcasting thinking it's a business. And that's likely because they believe the GuRoob B.S. about getting podcast sponsorships and how you shouldn't be selling from your show.

Look, podcasting isn't anything new, in fact it was first developed in 2004 by former MTV VJ Adam Curry.

What is new is the hype around it being the best way to make dough online.

People are rushing into podcasting thinking this its their golden ticket to make it big online so they can sit around sipping drinks on the beach with their toes in the sand while the cash comes rolling in.

And this is exactly what the Guroobs want you to believe when they're selling you their high ticket podcasting courses that revolve around you building a big enough audience to sell sponsorship spots.

This is a long hard road to success and most people won't have the audience or the gumption to see this through.

That's why a podcast all by itself is not a business.

A podcast is merely a new channel to reach your ideal customers.

This is why I tell people all the time, you shouldn't start with a podcast.

First, build your email list.

Second, sell your products to your list.

Once you've got that working dependably you can add a podcast to the mix to bring in more leads and sales.

In other words you gotta have a working business before you have a podcast.

That's why I always correct people who call me a podcaster. I tell them I'm a businessman who uses podcast to generate more business.

Speaking of getting more leads and sales,

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That concludes this series on “Don't be another broke podcaster.”

I'll see you next time,
Producer Jonathan


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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