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Back with the final installment of this three part series!

Missed the first two episodes? No sweat… Here’s the links to catch up:

  • Link to part one here
  • Link to part two here

If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re obviously a person who has entrepreneurial traits (most probably a little crazy) and thrives to be the best version you can be right?

Well, in today’s show Dan and Tega lay out the steps that have got them to where they are today. It’s right here for you to simply swipe and deploy.

This is the ‘How we did what we did’ episode in Dan’s words.

Here’s some of the show highlights:

  • How to recognize when to turn on and when you need to let off the gas pedal and chill out
  • Why people are drawn to Planet Dan just like a moth to a bright flame
  • Dan’s philosophy when it comes to hiring a great team of people
  • Tega’s ‘take us home’ wisdom advice for doing what you love

Get comfortable and enjoy the show!

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