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Now then Butter Cup,

Would you believe me if i told you the i USED to be a procrastinator?


Well I am telling you, if procrastination was a profession, i would be a Billionaire(With a B)

There is another P that is just as dangerous to an entrepreneur, if left unchecked.

Want the cure all to the 2P’s?

I can promise a cure, but i can tell you what i have done to regain control, if so listen to this weeks episode


Myself and producer extraordinaire Jonathan Rivera talk about

– The 2P’s to avoid in life: Procrastination and Perfectionism

– The 3/5 System

– Moving the needle forward a little bit everyday

– The only person that is not going to think it’s not perfect is you

– Sometimes what you’re telling yourself isn’t actually the truth

– Capitalizing on an opportunity is far more important than perfection

– Trying to make it 100% perfect will hold back in your success in anything

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