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Now then Butter Cup,

The subject line is a good representation of a good majority of the budding entrepreneurs. The reason they say this is because they lack discipline.

Yeah thats right the key to becoming a morning person and thus more productive, you need more discipline, amongst other things.

Want to know how to become more productive…

Then listen to this weeks episode.


Myself and producer extraordinaire Jonathan Rivera talk about

– Snapshot of a day in the life of Dan

– Letting your body wake you up when it wants to

– The importance of putting yourself in a good mood to start the day

– What time of the day he actually starts doing work stuff

– Starting the day using “Peak Time”

– The focus days, The free days and The buffer days.

– Doing the same things on the same days to keep his head sorted

Listen to the podcast here.

Toodle Pip

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