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Sup peoples, it’s podcast time again and today,

Today we talk about something which very few people in our space EVER talk about, the “Melt Down”.

In today’s podcast we'll rap about:

* The Last thing ANYONE wants to hear when they are in the middle of a melt-down. 

* What “old” Dan used to do when things got a little too much. 

* What the old rib shot has to do with a meltdown. 

* What copywriters working on commission need to be aware of. 

* The One thing you should probably do when you realise things are getting a little too much 

* Why & How my Meltdown allowed me to make nearly 6 figures in 4 days…(I can’t believe I just used the 6 figure line…feel free to punch me in the d*ck the next time I say that). 

* And quite a bit more…  

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Dan “The Beard” Meredith

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