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I got a question recently.

A knight in my Marketing Camelot had spent a small fortune hiring various copywriters and marketing consultants.

And all their stuff has bombed.

So he asked…

“I would love to know how to enter these type of arrangements with somebuyer protection. It seems all these arrangements are win-win for the copywriters and 100% risk for the client.”

I think you’ll be quite surprised at my answer…


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All the best,
Doberman Dan

P.S.Wanna know what I told this guy?

I told him that before he hires another expert, he needs to ask them one question.

And that one question will eliminate 97% of the gurus for hire, copywriters, consultants, coaches, etc.

Maybe it’s one YOU should be asking your next hired gun?

Man… copywriters are gonna HATE me for this…


Or here:


Pax vobiscum.

Doberman Dan

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