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This week we continue with how to make big bucks with boners.

It’s Part 2 of my interview with a very successful ED clinic owner and marketer.

And he’s sharing many of the lessons he has learned like…

How to RAISE prices and LOWER resistance…

The “you don't debate with the doctor” positioning… and how to use it to exponentially boost your conversions… AND price points in ANY business.

The “circle and spokes” secret you MUST know in order to charge the highest prices in your market…

In buying decisions, emotion wins over logic. (Just ask every married guy.)

The number one food that kills a woman’s sex drive…

And much more!


At one part of this show, the language gets pretty strong sexually. So this show is for consenting adults ONLY.

Click here and give it a listen now.

All the best,
Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan

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