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A few years ago I decided to try selling a high priced coaching program.

My sales copy did a great job of getting people to set up a phone call with me to learn
about my coaching dealy-bop.

Because I’ve gotten pretty darn good at selling in print. And on websites… in emails, etc.

But when I got on the phone with these pre-qualified and highly motivated prospects… I
screwed it all up and converted very few.

Because I didn’t know how to sell on the phone. Especially high-ticket stuff.

So here’s what I did:
I sought out an expert to mentor me on this high-ticket selling thang.

Long story short… I started closing people on high-ticket deals with a crazy high
conversion rate.

Even as high as 100% conversion on a two-day event priced at $10,000.

And… because I’m such a salt of the earth hombre… I wanted to share my high-ticket
phone selling coach with you.

Click here for my interview with Matthew Gillogly on the latest episode of Off The Chain.

All the best,
Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan – serial entrepreneur, direct response marketer, A-list copywriter, publisher of The Doberman Dan Letter, voice of “Off The Chain”, builder of dreams and consumer of Vesper martinis with the style and grace of 007.


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