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Far too many people suffer in silence by taking on more work than they can handle. But your TRUE capacity is something your boss can’t possibly understand without being with you 24/7.
So how do you go about telling your boss that you have too much on your plate without coming across as weak, uncommitted, or not a team player?
Today you’re going to learn three tips to help you work WITHIN your true capacity while avoiding both work resentment and long-term burnout. A must-listen episode for anyone who wants to live a less stressful, more fulfilling life while still being a top contributor at work.

Here Are The Highlights:
– Why your boss will never know what your true capacity really is (6:00)
– How to determine your real capacity of work while still remaining a top performer (13:00)
– The consequence of collectively not being honest about your capacity and how it could harm both you and your company (14:40)
– How to REALLY let go of work resentment and avoid long-term burnout (20:00)

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