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There is a voice inside your head that is trying to shut down your dreams. If you let it win, it’s a voice that will hold you back and keep you playing small even when you’re capable of so much more.

Today, we’ll talk about what that voice is REALLY trying to tell you when you’re edging beyond your comfort zone…and why you probably shouldn’t listen if you want to fulfill your potential.


– Meet your inner critic (5:15)
– The inner critic’s job (6:05)
– How to build “freedom to proceed” back in your life (6:30)
– The superpower that helps you win over your inner critic (8:15)
– What to do when your inner critic drowns out your inner wisdom (11:15)

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Cherylanne Skolnicki

Brilliant Balance is a podcast for working women who are ready to shine. Each week we will discuss ideas, inspiration, and insight on balance, business, and getting it all done gracefully. Are you ready? Let’s be brilliant.

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