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There are areas in your life where you do not need to tolerate discomfort, where you have choices. However, there are other areas of your life where you do need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Discomfort is a sign of growth. Today we will talk about how you can get comfortable being uncomfortable and what you can do to move past the feelings of discomfort to facilitate success.


– What you should do when there is an opportunity to grow (2:19)
– Mindset work and what your expectations feel like (5:23)
– What you can do when you start to feel the discomfort (6:46)
– How to carry you through the discomfort (9:30)
– Understanding the three important points about being uncomfortable (11:00)
– What happens when you make peace with discomfort (15:01)

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Cherylanne Skolnicki

Brilliant Balance is a podcast for working women who are ready to shine. Each week we will discuss ideas, inspiration, and insight on balance, business, and getting it all done gracefully. Are you ready? Let’s be brilliant.

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