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Today’s controversy-free Ben Settle Show podcast episode reveals:

* The real reason why single chicks love to own cats. (And why investing in cat supply companies could be one of the best investments someone can make in the next 20 years.)

* A fast and simple way to eliminate the anxiety of finding a new market to sell to.

* Why I almost always do the exact opposite of what all the gurus and experts say. (It’s not a rebellious thing — it just works out where I make a lot more sales. Here’s why.)

* A real life example of how to turn a one-shot sale product into a continuity product.

* The coffee tax secret for finding out what people *really* want to buy instead of what they simply say they want to buy.

* Yet another reason not to trust email open rates over sales.

* Why the vast majority of people who claim the Bible is their favorite book are lying through their teeth (and how to use this information to make more sales with regardless of what you sell).

* How to use the Bible to predict hot new investment opportunities.

* A scientific way to manufacture your own luck. (Nothing mystical or woo-woo about this, it’s just common sense and it works virtually every time it’s tried.)

* How The Secret is keeping so many otherwise intelligent men and women lonely, single, or “settling” (heh) with the wrong person.

* How to use “short cuts” to write ads that make lots of sales even if your copy sucks.

* And lotza more…

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Ben Settle

Ben Settle is a self described “anti professional” and the world leader in email copywriting education. He shamelessly makes a living writing a quick email each morning and then goofs off the rest of the day. Kinda like a bum, but who gets paid…

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