“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

I’m not sure who started all the hype about getting sponsorships for your podcast,
But it’s a pipe dream that won’t pan out for most of you.
Here’s why:
According to Libsyn (one of the world’s largest podcast hosting companies) the average podcast show only gets 140 downloads per episode.… READ MORE

I’m about to make a damaging admission,
I write seven days per week and the hardest email to write is this one.
Usually on Sunday’s I send out a blurb about all the shows at The Podcast Factory this week – but I’m not doing that today.… READ MORE

Last week I asked for some help getting my vanity URL on You Tube and a bunch of you came to my aid.
Thank You!
I was able to score my fresh new URL http://www.youtube.com/c/ThePodcastFactory
And I wanted you to know I’ve got a bunch of new videos in the works for you including:
* More of your favorite shows on You Tube
* Some really cool testimonials from people you know and like
* What I’m reading now (book reviews)
* A series of 10 videos on tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid when you get into podcasting
I’ll keep you posted as new videos come out.… READ MORE

Has the long learning curve kept you out of podcasting?
Not knowing what equipment to use, how to record your show, and what to do once you’ve got it all on tape making it hard for you to get into the podcasting game?… READ MORE

It’s always funny to me when I see how puzzled people get when they try and figure out how to make dough with their podcast show.
It’s probably because of all the B.S. they’ve heard about getting sponsors. They think that’s the only way to make a buck with their show.… READ MORE

Its weird that I’ve been talking so much about sponsorships lately.
Especially since I’m not a big fan of sponsorships. In my experience there are much better ways to make dough with your podcast show.… READ MORE

Have you ever wondered why we don’t have sponsors on The Podcast Factory shows?
One reason is because getting sponsors can be a full time job. tracking them down, getting on a call with them, pitching your show, getting the contract, and hoping like hell they come back for more.… READ MORE

As I look out at the world of podcasters I feel sad.
Why? Because I see so many guruoobs selling you the dream that getting sponsors for your show is easy. They tell you to start your show and the sponsors will make it rain hundred dollar bills on you.… READ MORE

Why do you listen to The Podcast Factory shows?
Hit reply on this email and let me know.
Producer Jonathan
This week at “The factory”
List Building Lifestyle with Igor Kheifets
“Sigmund Freud School of List Building”
People are creatures of comfort.… READ MORE

I’m doing some work over on my You Tube channel and I wanted to see if you could help me out.
I need a couple of more subscribers to be able to get a vanity URL.
If you haven’t subscribed yet, take a moment to go to my channel and subscribe now.… READ MORE

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