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I just read Gary Vee’s new book “Ask GaryVee”
It’s compiled from questions he’s answered over the past couple hundred episodes of his daily video show.
I don’t always agree with Gary, especially the part of his hustle that makes him work ridiculously long hours and not see his family for days at a time.… READ MORE

I was on a call last week where the guy told me he loves podcasting, but it’s a lot of work.
He’s already running a business where he’s got clients and customers that take up most of his time.
He’s constantly having to come up with new content and products to keep them engaged.… READ MORE

You know what I love about screwing up?
It gives me a chance to write you again to tell you I screwed up (and fix it.)
Last week I was out of sorts when I wrote the weekly newsletter and it turns out I may have written about shows a week before they were posted.… READ MORE

I read an interesting book on positioning the other day.
It’s a classic written by Al Ries and Jack Trout.
My big takeaway from the book is we are living in an over-communicated society.
People are being hit with so many marketing messages they are becoming senseless to it all.… READ MORE

I’ve checked and I know a bunch of you haven’t even started your podcast show yet.
And that’s totally cool.
In fact, I urge you not to start your show until you read the next issue of the “Podcast Mogul” newsletter.… READ MORE

People are getting tired of hearing the same “ex-spurts” being interviewed on every new podcast show under the sun.
If we’ve heard the story once, we’ve heard it a million times.
Nobody wants the next John Lee Dumas, but everyone wants to be him.… READ MORE

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in podcasting.
It seems almost every new show coming out is another interview show.
Even worse, most of these shows are interviewing the same people telling the same story.… READ MORE

I’ve made it a point to get on more phone calls with more people lately.
Why? Because I know if I connect with enough of the right people I’ll be able to help a select few do better and a few of them will help me do better.… READ MORE

For a hot minute all my friends and the influencers around me were talking about that Snapchat thing.
They said it’s the new place to be and I had to get on.
Usually I resist that sort of stuff because I don’t believe the hype.… READ MORE

I got some interesting comments when I sent out the weekly newsletter last Sunday.
A lot of you didn’t know I have more that one show on the air.
Some of you were happy to find out about them.
And I even got some questions about taking on new clients at The Podcast Factory.… READ MORE

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