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In this week’s video you’ll find out which podcast downloader I recommend.
If you’re on apple, android, or using your computer, I’ve got you covered with the best podcast downloader for your device.
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Producer Jonathan
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Why don’t we pick up where we left off?
In yesterday’s story I crushed the lie we’ve all heard that you need to launch with a ton of shows if you want to get top ranking in iTunes.
Today I’m going to crush another lie that is plaguing the air waves and filling up iTunes with a bunch of worthless audio no one wants to listen to.… READ MORE

I’m feeling froggy today so I decided to crush some lies you’ve been hearing about iTunes.
First up is the “Launch with ___ shows” lie.
You can fill in the blank with anything from 3 to 18 shows – I’ve heard them all and I’m sure you have to.… READ MORE

Here’s the deal,
My friend Scott from the Podcast Discovery Center twisted my arm to share some of my secrets on how to make dough with your podcast show.
Normally I wouldn’t share this kind of stuff, but since he’s a good friend and his crew at The Podcast Discovery Center are keen to learn more on this topic I’ve decided to host a live call in show with him discussing this topic.… READ MORE

Isn’t it funny the crazy theories people come up with when they don’t know WTF they’re doing?
I want to share one of those theories I had when I first started hacking iTunes in 2013.
It was called the “iTunes traffic match.”
And basically I had this crazy idea that iTunes would match the traffic you sent to it on the first day your show went live.… READ MORE

I say it all the time and I’ll say it again so you know I;m serious about this.
A podcast isn’t a business. A podcast is an extension of a business that’s already bringing in dough.
Now that we got that out of the way, I want to let you know that I’ve teamed up with one of my buddies to bring you an interesting live discussion this Thursday.… READ MORE

I resisted it for years,
But I’m finally doing it because I know it’ll help you.
What am I talking about?
Videos of course.
I used to hate doing videos because I didn’t know what to say or do and they took too much work.… READ MORE

It’s time for a cold hard reality check,
If you think you can put your show in iTunes and the magic rankings fairy will move you up the charts and bring you hordes of new listeners, you’re in for a surprise.
Most shows that go into iTunes never get ranked, never reach new listeners, and are never found by anyone.… READ MORE

It’s no wonder they call me the “worlds greatest podcaster” because when I work on a show it always hits the top of the charts in iTunes.
Last week I posted up a screen shot of Kevin Roger’s new show “Copy Chief Radio” in the number 4 spot in management and marketing.… READ MORE

Want to know if it’s the right time for you to start your podcast?
Some people jump the gun and think start podcasting because they think it’s going to make them rich, but the reality is – most people start their podcast way to soon.… READ MORE

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