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Have you ever been to a networking event?
If so, you know there are people you forge valuable bonds with—and others you want to avoid.

The difference is often not in the people themselves, but in how they perceive their own business.
In this episode, you learn how to become a person others LOVE to talk to (and become clients). It all starts by finding out which business you’re really in (your first answer is likely wrong).

Show highlights include:

– Why you should get rid of your pre-planned “elevator pitch”—and how to answer “So, what do you do?” instead. (starts at 1:05)
– Two ways to say/sell the same thing—with radically different responses. (3:30)
– How to get your prospect to start the conversation with you—no more chasing after people. (5:30)
– Three things you can NEVER do if you want to sell high-end products/services. (8:35)
– How a massage therapist could sell more by NOT pitching (you can easily adapt this for your own business). (17:30)
– One way to get current customers to bring in more customers for you. (18:35)
– The crucial distinction between customers, clients and guests. This difference can make or break your business. (19:10).

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Bob Holdsworth

Let’s be honest with each other, you know that you should be doing certain things, but don’t, you know that you should be planning but aren’t, you know that you should be executing but keep hesitating and you know you should be marketing but are dragging your feet … it’s not enough to KNOW…it’s about making decisions and taking actions.  Perhaps some straight advice and a strategically placed kick in the ass from someone who’s been in your shoes will help get you unstuck and back on track creating your version of success.

Take back control of your life and kick the crap out of your way so that you can finally Do business On Your Own Terms®

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