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Will this work for me?
This is what most people worry about when they want to buy a course or coaching program.
But the truth is, whether a course will work for you or not depends on you.
Even if a course is really good and others have had amazing results, there’s still a chance it won’t work for you.… READ MORE

How great would it be if you could make more money every year by doing something on the side?
The best part is you won’t have to go to an office or sign up on any job website.
And this side hustle is so profitable that if you do it well enough, you can earn six figures.… READ MORE

The easiest way to succeed in life is by learning from what’s already successful, rather than trying to create something entirely new.
This principle also applies to your business.
Because truth be told, no entirely new strategies or techniques.… READ MORE

You’ve been sold the dream of a $30k/month coaching business.
They say it will give you a life of freedom.
But guess what? $30,000 per month is just a tip of the iceberg.
You can reach up to $1 million per month and even $10 million per year without having to start from scratch or work extra hard.… READ MORE

What’s the difference between you and mega successful coaches and consultants with a dream business?
It’s simple: They’re getting more leads than you are.
That’s the bad news.
The good news?
You have the power to turn yourself into a lead magnet, so clients line up around the block waiting to work with you.… READ MORE

“Will AI replace my Job?”
“Will I be out of business with these recent AI developments?”
Tens of people have asked me the same questions repeatedly.
And if I’m being honest, AI and robots are going to replace many people, replace a lot of jobs, even replace a lot of businesses.… READ MORE

Being a special needs teacher comes with a lot of responsibilities, as you’ve to cater to every student individually.
And what about the pay? Not the route to a million dollar business.
Which is why Wes made his pivot and now makes more for doing less.… READ MORE

How soon can I charge a high ticket? Soon as today.
A lot of coaches and consultants undercharge because they believe they need one more thing done.
But the truth is that you need nothing else.
And if you want to move from struggling at the bottom of your industry to becoming a well-paid high earner, I can help you.… READ MORE

A Million dollar per year is $83k/month, and the truth is it’s doable.
Lots of folks inside CAU do this and more every year, but seeing is believing, isn’t it?
Which is why I made this episode detailing how 21-year-old Eric will make a million dollars this year just by being a videographer.… READ MORE

Accountants are often seen following a predictable career roadmap: finish school, secure a job, work diligently, and eventually retire.
But what if there’s a path that defies convention and offers unimaginable possibilities?… READ MORE

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