“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting®

If you’re getting clients and getting them results, you’ve already won half the battle of scaling your business.
But if instead of chasing clients, you want to attract them, it’s time to up your game!… READ MORE

There are so many methods out there for growing your business that it can be overwhelming.
Which method do you choose? It’s too easy to get caught in “analysis paralysis” and waste your money on worthless courses and ads that don’t convert.… READ MORE

It feels like you can’t go five minutes on the internet these days without seeing some business running a 5-day challenge. Maybe you’ve even thought of running one yourself.
But you can’t jump in head first and expect your first challenge to pull six figures.… READ MORE

As we head into 2022, many of us are looking to hit new records.
But year over year, a small number of mistakes hold coaches and consultants back. Make these mistakes, and the rest of your efforts go to waste.… READ MORE

You can have the perfect funnel, pick the ideal target and put out great content… but that only counts for 10% of your success. Without this one ingredient, all your efforts just lose you money.
What accounts for the other 90% of your success? READ MORE

If you’re an entrepreneur that has lost money on ads before, then there’s something wrong with your ad. And you’re likely upset you’ve lost revenue.
But fear not. You no longer have to waste money on ads.READ MORE

Nearly every entrepreneur has wasted money on an online ad course. And they’ve been very disappointed with either the class itself or the ad on completion.
But you don’t have to squander cash any more on ad videos.READ MORE

Many online entrepreneurs miss out on sales because they price their services wrong.
But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Determine your value in the marketplace by drilling into your niche.
So how do you do that?… READ MORE

Most people placing Facebook ads don’t target their audience the right way. They’ll either put too many limitations on it or do nothing. ANd, they miss out on leads because of it.
Placing ads to generate lots of leads can be unrealistic.… READ MORE

Many entrepreneurs think that ads are expensive and a waste of time. But placing ads increases your revenue.
And if you want to maximize your ads’ return, you have to measure their profitability. But there are some myths about ads’ profitability that hold people back from placing ads.READ MORE

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